Hold polluters accountable and protect forests

Drax pellet mill in Burns Lake, BC. Plumes of smoke come out of the mill in the background and wood chips are in the foreground.

Pellet mills supplying Drax have violated Canadian environmental laws 189 times. 

The pellet mills in B.C. and Alberta are causing serious harm, illegally polluting rivers, lakes, and destroying wetlands. One violation at Burns Lake recorded emissions at triple the legal limit! Evidence also shows Drax is logging irreplaceable forests, including old growth, despite claiming they only use waste wood – not to mention that at the smokestack, burning wood pellets often releases as much or more CO2 than coal at the smokestack. 

Sign this petition and tell the Canadian government to:

  • End funding for Drax.
  • Hold them accountable for violating environmental laws.
  • Invest in genuine climate solutions that protect forests.

Will you join us in calling on Canada to defend primary and old growth forests? 

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Years of evidence show energy giant Drax breaking the law at its destructive mills – where logs are turned into pellets to be burned for electricity. These mills have been illegally polluting rivers and lakes, destroying wetlands, and breaching air pollution limits. Not to mention Drax has been sourcing wood logged from old growth forests. The Canadian government needs to take action now by ending funding for Drax and implementing old growth deferrals.



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