Tell Microsoft to stop greenwashing its way out of climate action

As the world’s most valuable public company, Microsoft should be setting an example for how to tackle the accelerating climate crisis.

Instead, its emissions are on the rise. Back in 2020, the tech giant made a commitment to reduce its emissions to carbon negative by 2030. And yet, Microsoft’s emissions have actually increased by 43%. This is the type of corporate tomfoolery we have no time or patience for.

Microsoft's escalating emissions crisis is intimately entwined with its network of suppliers, who have yet to rise to the challenge of the unfolding climate crisis by setting firm commitments to reduce emissions. Instead of investing in lasting renewable energy solutions, Microsoft’s suppliers at best resort to simply trading carbon credits. At worst, they continue relying on coal and other fossil fuels to power their operations. 

We are calling on Microsoft to commit to reducing its emissions, especially in its supply chain. Will you join us?

To: Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO Click to see full petition text

Microsoft needs to take responsibility for its climate footprint and commit to decreasing emissions in its supply chain, which currently depends on fossil fuels.

We have no time for empty promises, vague net-zero commitments and other greenwashing tricks. The record is clear – in the most critical decade in our fight to protect our climate, Microsoft is lagging behind.

Microsoft needs to proactively engage with its suppliers to reduce their emissions and transition to renewable energy.



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