We’re taking FortisBC, the largest provider of “natural” gas in B.C., to court

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As climate change drives fires and floods – displacing millions of people – FortisBC is advertising climate superpollutant methane gas as a climate-friendly source of home heating. Our legal case says that instead of recognizing the problem and working toward a solution, the company is making promises it can’t keep about renewable gases, doubling down on its dangerous fossil gas product and misleading the public about its significant climate impacts.

That’s why we’re partnering with two B.C. residents and lawyers from Ecojustice and Slater Vecchio LLP to file a first of its kind lawsuit that will hold FortisBC accountable for greenwashing and force the corporation to clean up its act.

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We, the undersigned, are calling on you to immediately stop greenwashing “natural” gas. As alleged in the legal case filed by Stand.earth and two B.C. residents, you are making promises your company cannot keep about renewable gases, doubling down on your dangerous fossil gas product, and misleading the public about its significant climate impacts. Our communities and the planet can’t afford more fossil fuels – please cease your greenwashing activities immediately and partner with the British Columbian government to help facilitate a transition to an all-electric, renewable energy system.

Hold FortisBC accountable


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