Stop lululemon’s greenwashing

We are calling out lululemon’s greenwashing and calling on the Canadian greenwashing regulator to launch an official investigation.

lululemon has used its “Be Planet” campaign to mislead customers into believing the company is taking serious climate and “working to help create a healthier future” when in fact its climate emissions have skyrocketed and its leggings are still made in factories burning piles of coal for electricity.

Since it launched the "Be Planet" campaign and claimed that sustainability was one of its core pillars, its emissions have doubled. In 2022, its climate pollution was the equivalent of adding more than half a million cars to the road.

This bold step forward of filing a complaint with Canada's greenwashing regulator and exposing Lululemon has caught fire in the media. It has forced lululemon to hire Edelman – a PR firm known for cleaning up Big Oil’s messes – to save it from this reputational catastrophe. But now we need to make sure this complaint results in a federal investigation.

This is our golden opportunity to heighten the pressure and ensure Lululemon is held accountable for its lies. Will you add your name in support of this complaint so that the greenwashing regulator takes this investigation to the finish line?

To: Competition Bureau of Canada Click to see full petition text

I am adding my name to this petition in support of’s complaint to the Competition Bureau of Canada accusing lululemon of greenwashing. The athleisure company’s “Be Planet” campaign contradicts its negative impact on the health of the planet and people and has been used to mislead customers. I am signing support to urge the Competition Bureau to investigate lululemon’s outrageous greenwashing marketing designed to cover up the company’s dangerously rising greenhouse gas emissions and devastating environmental impacts.

Stop lululemon's greenwashing


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