Tell Your Legislators: Pass NY HEAT

A tiled picture of folks in green energy jobs

Last year, New York passed the All-Electric Building Act. It was a groundbreaking law that is critical to local health and safety and climate.

But it’s not enough on its own.

New Yorkers also need the NY HEAT Act to lower energy bills and create new jobs in the transition to renewable energy across the state. NY HEAT sets a limit on how much consumers pay for energy, ends old rules subsidizing new gas pipelines, and allows utilities to invest in efficient electric buildings and renewable heating and cooling.

Lawmakers must pass NY HEAT – and hearing your support is what will make the difference.

NY HEAT will limit energy bills to 6% of household income. It will also end the practice of making gas customers pay to expand the gas system. It will enable utilities to start investing in new technologies, like heat pumps and thermal energy networks instead. That means new jobs and lower emissions and pollution.

SAFE Cities at has been working with the groups from the Renewable Heat Now campaign to get New York HEAT passed. SAFE Cities has worked with local advocates and local government leaders to pass and implement many local policies that protect people’s health and the climate from methane gas. In New York, with help from people like you, we’ve been able to go statewide.

Let’s do that again with NY HEAT.

This might be the last chance we have to pass NY HEAT this year. Will you send a message to your State Assemblymember and Gov. Hochul, telling them to act now?

Tell elected officials to pass NY HEAT