Canada Needs Stronger Methane Regulations for the Oil and Gas Sector

A flarestack. Flaring is one source of fugitive methane emissions.

The federal government has announced that it’s prepared to introduce new methane regulations that could limit emissions from Canada’s oil and gas sector.

Methane is a highly-potent greenhouse gas that’s 86 times worse for the climate than carbon dioxide, and in 2021 Canada’s oil and gas facilities accounted for around 40% of total methane emissions.

Reducing methane is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to fight climate change, and this could be a key opportunity – if done right.

Given the urgency of our climate crisis, Canada has every reason to set a more ambitious target of near-zero methane emissions by 2025 – rather than near 75% by 2030. We simply don’t have any time left for delay and uncertainty.

Methane emissions from oil and gas have historically been undercounted in Canada, with serious consequences for the climate. That’s why Canada’s methane regulations must include transparent and verifiable monitoring and reporting requirements to measure progress, and ensure that companies are taking action.

Together, let’s use this important opportunity to take effective action for the climate.

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