Tell the Ontario government: Stop backing Enbridge’s cash grab

pipelines in a trench

Premier Ford’s Ontario government wants to overrule a decision made by our independent energy regulator, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), in order to line the pockets of Enbridge executives.

The OEB handed down a responsible order denying Enbridge’s request for its customers to pay for its massive pipeline expansion project that would connect new homes to the gas system and increase Ontario’s emissions. It rightly concluded that residents would be better off heating homes with electric heat pumps which are less polluting and more affordable.

But the Ford government is more concerned about propping up business interests than looking out for the public and has introduced legislation to reverse the decision. This is unheard of and sets a dangerous precedent.

Let’s make sure the Ford government doesn’t get away with this. Send a message to key decision makers now.

(For all of the nitty gritty details of this case, check out our blog about it)

Send a message to the Premier and Energy Minister now