Stop the Tilbury Marine Jetty Project

Fracked gas pipeline signs with plant in background

FortisBC intends to expand its Tilbury LNG plant in Delta, British Columbia, along a fragile stretch of the Fraser River. At full capacity, the Tilbury LNG plant would liquefy three megatonnes of gas annually. That means increased fracking on Treaty 8 territories in northeastern B.C. and endangering nearby communities.

As a direct threat to one of the West Coast's most precious salmon runs, the expansion requires the construction of a new tanker dock, known as the Tilbury Marine Jetty, to facilitate LNG transport.

To make matters worse, the LNG facility and its upstream operations would emit more greenhouse gas emissions annually than the City of Vancouver – contributing to wildfires, floods, and extreme weather events.

We can still stop Tilbury LNG from being expanded. To do so, we must tell the B.C. government that this project would be disastrous for the climate and that it’s not in the public interest.

Tell the B.C. government to reject the Tilbury Marine Jetty project. Add your name.

To: The Legislative Assembly of B.C.Click to see full petition text

To The Honourable the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, in Legislature Assembled:

The petition of the undersigned, residents of British Columbia, states that:

Whereas the Tilbury Marine Jetty project would transform an aging liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility on the Fraser River into a major export and refueling hub,

Whereas the Tilbury LNG plant at full build out would liquefy three megatonnes per annum of gas extracted using fracking in northeastern BC,

Whereas the Tilbury Marine Jetty project would require dredging, pile driving and concrete scour protection mats in the bottom of the Fraser River, the most important salmon river on Earth,

Whereas the LNG tankers would pose a serious safety risk to residents all along Metro Vancouver and B.C.'s Southern Coast in the event of a spill of cryogenic and flammable gas,

Whereas the annual greenhouse gas emissions of the Tilbury LNG facility and its associated upstream operations in British Columbia would be greater than the city of Vancouver’s,

Whereas the combustion of fossil fuels, including gas, is behind worsening climate disasters like the heat waves, floods, wildfires, drought and storms that have hit British Columbia in recent years and these events will continue to get more extreme until it stops,

Your petitioners respectfully request that the Honourable House urge the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy and the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure to reject the Tilbury Marine Jetty project application.



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