Strengthen and Release Canada's Emissions Cap

Smokestack from Alberta oil sands with tailings in background

The federal government has finally released its long-awaited Emissions Cap framework, taking steps to limit emissions from Canada’s most polluting industry — oil and gas.

Canada’s Emissions Cap is the most important climate decision of this Parliament. And yet, the targets announced in the framework still fall short of our national commitment to cut climate pollution to 40-45% below 2005 levels in the next six years. They’re further weakened by flexible compliance mechanisms that will allow big polluters to buy offsets rather than sufficiently curb their emissions.

Clearly, oil and gas lobbyists have influenced the plan to weaken its original form – but here’s the thing: there’s still time to make it stronger.

Together, we can call on the federal government to strengthen and release Canada’s Emissions Cap regulations. By raising our voices we can drown out loud industry actors, to ensure that this policy achieves what it is capable of.

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