Tell the Alberta Government to lift the moratorium on renewable energy projects

On the heels of the hottest July in world history, Alberta has paused new approvals on renewable energy projects over one megawatt for the next six months.

At least 118 renewable projects in Alberta – which represent 24,000 full-time jobs and over $33 billion in investments – are now at risk due to the moratorium. The shock announcement put the brakes on what was previously the fastest growing market for renewables in all of Canada.

The government claims to be pressing pause while they work out new clean up requirements for the renewable industry – yet the same standard isn’t being applied to fossil fuel projects. Oil sands tailings ponds are still leaking toxic chemicals into nearby Indigenous communities and new tar sands projects continue to be built.

Alberta has huge potential to be a renewable energy superpower and a leader on climate action. But this sudden moratorium puts all of this progress in jeopardy.

Sign the petition to call on Danielle Smith and the Alberta Government to lift the moratorium now.

To: Premier Smith and the Alberta Government Click to see full petition text

Alberta has the potential to be a renewable energy superpower, but your government’s latest decision to shut down the sector for six months is putting the future of the industry at risk. Off the back of one of the hottest summers and most destructive wildfire seasons in history, I urge you to lift the moratorium now and support clean energy solutions that work for our climate and economy. End the renewable energy moratorium.



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