President Biden: Declare a climate emergency

wind turbines in back and solar panels in front

On September 20, nations from around the world will gather on U.S. soil to move the needle on climate change. But get this: the United States wasn’t even invited, thanks to its dismal record on keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

The U.S. has shut itself out on its own turf.

But if President Biden were to declare a climate emergency, he would open the door for unprecedented access to climate change solutions like sustainable public transportation vehicles, renewable solar and wind energy, and electrified buildings.

Access to these innovative technologies would make the U.S. a collaborator with nations from every corner of the globe. By joining the push towards a fossil fuel-free future, the U.S. would strengthen the global movement towards a safe, healthy, and sustainable world.

Sign the petition to demand that President Biden declares a climate emergency.

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We, the undersigned, support the declaration of a national climate emergency in order to increase production of renewable energy, eliminate fossil fuels, and support a just and sustainable transition to a climate-safe future in the United States and beyond.



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