Turn up the heat on your MLA to end fracking

Protesters stand with a climate emergency banner on Montgomery street in San Francisco

This unprecedented fire season uprooting communities and decimating forests across the country is no accident – data has shown that the burning of fossil fuels is directly to blame.

In B.C., our greatest contribution to this problem is the expansion of the fracking and LNG industry: it’s our fastest growing source of climate pollution. But the government is continuing to turn a blind eye to the destruction they’re allowing.

That’s why the Frack Free BC movement has come together to pressure the provincial government to end fracking. And this summer, we’re turning up the heat.

We’ve been supporting constituents to meet with their MLAs and hold rallies across the province. But we also need to keep up the pressure online to make sure politicians can’t ignore our message.

Will you send an email to your MLA and push them to respond to the Frack Free BC actions?

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