Demand Citi's Board Chair to stop fueling the climate crisis

Smokestacks and cooling towers of coal fired power plants

Recent extreme weather is not coincidental. They are symptoms of an escalating climate crisis that has been building for decades.

A major catalyst for this crisis is the funding of the fossil fuel industry by big banks. Banks invest billions of dollars into coal, oil, and gas corporations that create dirty energy, instead of doubling down on the renewables we need.

Citibank (Citi) and its board chair, John Dugan, are major climate offenders. Under Dugan, Citi has provided funding to companies like Exxon, Shell, Chevron, and Enbridge, who are building polluting new pipelines, oil rigs, and power plants, despite frontline resistance. These unethical investments make Citi the second largest funder of fossil fuels in the world.

Citi's support for new fossil fuel projects jeopardizes our communities’ health, human rights, and future generations. As we experience the very real effects of the climate crisis, the cost of inaction is too high.

Together, let's demand Citi and Dugan divest from fossil fuels for the sake of our communities — and our planet.

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