Increase pressure on your MLA to protect old growth and communities

Forest on fire at night with big bright red and orange flames, and smoke

We’re officially in the middle of the worst wildfire season on record. Millions of people across the continent have been choking on smoky skies under extreme air quality warnings, and hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbours have been forced to evacuate their homes.

Healthy forests are one of our best protections against climate emergencies like mega wildfires. And at a moment where more than 8 million hectares have already been burned this season, the B.C. government still hasn’t kept its promise to stop old growth logging.

We know that this issue remains at the top of the B.C. government's agenda, yet these vital forest continue to be destroyed. It's time for every single member of the Legislative Assembly to receive a flood of messages from their constituents and be reminded that in the middle of a climate crisis, keeping forests standing should be one of their top priorities

Send an email to your MLA and demand that the B.C. NDP fulfills its promises to stop logging old growth.

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