Message the California State Assembly: support a fossil fuel treaty!

Wind turbines and solar panels agains a backdrop of green hills

Note: This form will only work for people living in California, if you live elsewhere and support California endorsing the Fossil Fuel Treaty, please sign the petition here.

Right now, the California State Assembly is deliberating on whether to formally endorse the call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and a managed global transition away from fossil fuels. The fossil fuel lobby is trying to derail this effort at the last minute, so it's essential that your Assemblymember hears from you.

A Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty is the solution the world needs right now to address the climate crisis with the scale and urgency that is required, based around three principles:

  • Ending Expansion – No new coal, oil or gas exploration or production
  • A Fair Phase Out – An equitable, carefully managed reduction of existing fossil fuel production in line with our 1.5ºC climate target
  • Just Transition – Support economic diversification and a renewable energy transition so that no community, country or worker is left behind

If California were to endorse, it would put serious pressure on world leaders to begin negotiations around a global Fossil Fuel Treaty.

Will you send an email to your California Assemblymember and ask them to endorse the Fossil Fuel Treaty proposal?


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