Demand renewable, clean energy sources for ships

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Canada plans to fuel ships with Liquid Fracked Gas (LNG). LNG is methane, a potent greehouse gas. Methane pollution worsens habitat destruction globally, reduces crop yields, and hurts human health. Few are aware of the methane spills leaking out of ships, because they are invisble. Just like an oil spill contaminates our waters, a methane leak silently pollutes our air.

Today, oceans are too hot and too polluted and species are in crisis. And the situation is going to get even worse if ships are fueled with LNG.

We cannot allow the fossil fuel industry to get away with branding LNG as a safe shipping fuel. The wind doesn't stay inside of borders, so this problem won't stay inside of Canada.

Demand renewable, clean energy sources for the maritime sector. BC Ferries, governments, and other industries need to hear from you.

Our future depends on it!

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We are at a crossroads in this decade that will determine the future of our planet. Investing in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is nothing short of a disaster for the climate. Methane, the main component of LNG, is 80 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, and is already causing over 30% of global warming. The process of fracking for methane gas is also incredibly destructive, leading to pollution, earthquakes and health problems for nearby residents.

Canada has pledged to reduce methane emissions. In order to effectively meet our commitments, we must stop the expansion of LNG as a marine fuel and instead invest in zero-emission technologies and fuels.



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