Banking on our Future Pledge

Youth protest in climate rally in Vancouver.

Banks are a critical linchpin in the climate crisis. Despite the clear threats that fossil fuels pose to people and the planet, big banks like Citibank, WellsFargo and JPMorganChase continue to finance the fossil fuel industry. If we can stop the big banks from investing in fossil fuels, we can shut down the industry, once and for all.

To stop these dirty banks, we need to build a powerful movement, flex our financial power as consumers, and threaten to quit these banks if they don’t stop funding the climate crisis.

Will you sign the Banking on our Future pledge and pledge to close your bank account with them unless the banks stop funding climate chaos?

To: the big banks like RBC, WellsFargo, and Citibank Click to see full petition text

If Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and RBC are still using our money to fund the exploration, expansion, and development of climate-destroying fossil fuel projects beyond March 1, 2024, the undersigned customers pledge to close our accounts and cut up our credit cards. If non-accountholders don't bank with these banks now, the undersigned potential customers pledge that we won't do so in the future. We are collectively pledging to move our accounts out of your banks, if we are customers, and to do business with more environmentally and socially conscious banks and financial service providers, including checking, savings, and/or credit cards.



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If you're a shareholder in RBC or any other big bank, will you sign up to the Iconik app and assign your shares to Stand’s voting profile to force RBC and the big banks to take the climate crisis seriously? This will take you less than seven minutes and have MASSIVE impact

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