Tell retail giants: No more dirty shipping!

Our groundbreaking new report exposes the human and climate costs of retail brands’ dirty shipping practices. For the first time, we can directly tie household brands like Walmart and Home Depot to the health-damaging air pollution in U.S. ports and the neighborhoods that surround them. 

Transport will be the biggest source of new greenhouse gas emissions during the next couple of decades – and ocean shipping is a huge part of the problem. In fact, right now, global maritime shipping emits more climate-disrupting pollution than international aviation -- and its emissions are rapidly growing. 

The COVID supply chain crisis laid bare the reality that the companies we buy from every day are heavily reliant on dirty container shipping to move their products. But retail brands also have enormous power to create change in the shipping sector by demanding emission-free ocean shipping for their goods.

Big brands like Walmart and Home Depot are failing to set ambitious targets to move to renewable shipping and have so far failed to take any action to address their ocean shipping pollution problem. Right now, there are more new ships on being built since the 1990s. This is our chance to ensure that shippers put people first and that newly built ships are fossil-free. We need to send a powerful message that a transition to 100% fossil-free, zero emission shipping by 2030 is non-negotiable. That’s where you come in.

They need to hear from you!

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As some of the world’s largest companies, household brands like Home Depot and Walmart have recorded record breaking profits following the COVID surge in consumer spending. As their businesses have grown, so too has the air and climate pollution from the fossil-fuel transport of their goods. As international corporate heavyweights, these companies can be a powerful force for positive change if they tackle their shipping pollution problem head-on.

To be the climate and public health champions we need, Home Depot and Walmart need to demand fossil-free, ocean shipping now.

Home Depot and Walmart:

  • Take immediate action to rapidly reduce port air pollution from the maritime shipping of your goods, with a commitment to eliminate emissions in and near port by 2025.
  • Commit to and work with urgency towards achieving 100% fossil-free, zero emission shipping by 2030.
  • Commit to move goods from fossil-fueled vessels to zero emission ships.
  • Immediately provide (and then publish annually) clear and comparable data on greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from the shipping in your supply chain, pollution reduction measures, and progress towards set goals.

It's time for zero emission shipping


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