Tell Minister Guilbeault to protect whales and sea lions from Woodfibre LNG

Protesters stand with a climate emergency banner on Montgomery street in San Francisco

Woodfibre LNG is a proposed Liquefied ‘Natural’ Gas (aka fracked gas) export project being pushed through in Squamish (Sḵwx̱wú7mesh), B.C. And right now we have a brand new opportunity to stop it in its tracks.

Woodfibre LNG is pressuring the federal regulator to give it a free pass to expose seals and sea lions to underwater noise louder than repeated shotgun blasts.

Not only will this impact the mammals ability to communicate, hunt and breed, it can even lead to permanent hearing loss. Steller sea lions are listed as a species of "Special Concern" under the Species at Risk Act, and have only recently returned to Átl’ḵa7tsem (Howe Sound), a UNESCO Biosphere Region.

Now is a critical time to flood the inbox of Steven Guilbeault, the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate change, and urge him to reject Woodfibre LNG’s outrageous demands.

Send an email to Minister Guilbeault and ask him to protect sea lions from Woodfibre LNG!

Your local MP will also be CC’ed on your email to increase the political pressure and show them just how many of their constituents are concerned about this project.

Tell Minister Guilbeault to protect sea lions from Woodfibre LNG