Sign the petition: No subsidies for LNG Canada

Shell is plowing ahead with plans to build the second phase of its LNG Canada project in B.C. – and now wants taxpayer money to fund it. 🙈

As it stands, LNG Canada would already be one of the most polluting projects in Canada. But to make matters worse, LNG Canada recently announced that it’s abandoning plans to power its terminal with electricity, and instead will revert to using fossil fuels. Powering LNG Canada with fossil fuels would more than double the emissions from the terminal itself and make it impossible for B.C. to meet its 2030 climate target.

This is the leverage Shell is using to bully the B.C. and federal governments into coughing up the cash to pay for its electrification. And we won’t stand for it.

Sign the petition now to call on the B.C. and Canadian governments to refuse fossil fuel subsidies for LNG Canada.


To: the B.C. and Canadian government Click to see full petition text

We, the undersigned, are urging you not to give any subsidies to the second phase of the LNG Canada project. There is no room for fossil fuel subsidies in a climate crisis.



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