Prince Rupert comment period closing February 5

overhead view of Prince Rupert port

The Port of Prince Rupert has taken a great step to prevent pollution - but they’re missing some of the details, and that is where you come in.

The Port of Prince Rupert is nestled at the edge of the Great Bear Rainforest and Sea on the North Coast of British Columbia. Prince Rupert is a growing port, offering some competition to other West Coast ports for shipping from Asia. It is surrounded by fragile marine ecosystems and important habitat for Northern Resident Killer Whales, sea otters, and the kelp forest ecosystems.

Early in 2023, the Port made an exciting announcement: They are planning to ban the acid-dumping machines known as open-loop scrubbers. However, their documentation has a couple loopholes, and we want to make sure they close those to offer the ocean the best protections they can.

The proposed changes are subject to a comment period ending on February 5th – we need you to write in and help protect the Great Bear Sea.

Will you send an email directly to the Prince Rupert Port Authority and tell them to protect the ocean?

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Remember to personalize your letter. The most impactful letters include details about why you care about this issue or how you'll be impacted by the Prince Rupert Port Authority's decision.

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Prince Rupert Port Author
Prince Rupert Port Author
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