Kick big polluters out of COP!

At the annual UN climate change convention in Egypt (aka COP27) – fossil fuel lobbyists are swarming the halls.

New research has just uncovered that fossil fuel industry representatives in the negotiations outnumber those from all 10 countries facing the worst impacts from the climate crisis. Fossil fuel companies caused this mess, and now they’re trying to stop us from cleaning it up. But we won’t let them.

Momentum is building on the global campaign to #KickBigPollutersOut. If we can keep it up by increasing international pressure on governments around the world during this critical moment, it could be enough to unseat the fossil fuel lobby from the decision-making table.

Will you sign the petition calling on world governments to kick big polluters out of all UN climate talks?

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Fossil fuel companies caused the climate crisis – don't give them a seat at the table at the UN climate convention. Kick Big Polluters Out of #COP27.



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