Tell the Canadian government to reject the Tilbury LNG jetty

Fracked gas pipeline signs with plant in background

FortisBC wants to expand its Tilbury LNG plant along a fragile part of the Fraser River, in Delta, British Columbia.

Most people across Canada probably haven’t even heard of Tilbury LNG – but if this fracked gas project gets approved, it will threaten one of the most important salmon runs on the West Coast, lead to more fracking in northeastern B.C., and emit as much pollution as the entire city of Vancouver.

As part of its Tilbury LNG expansion plans, FortisBC first needs to build a new tanker dock that would facilitate the transport of LNG around the world. We still have a chance to stop it, but to do so we must prove to the Canadian government that this project would be disastrous for the climate and is not in the public interest. (The project must be approved separately by both the provincial AND federal governments). 

The government is formulating its position right now, so we have no time to waste.

Will you email federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, and urge him to deny permits for Tilbury LNG?

Email the federal government about Tilbury LNG


Your letter is more likely to be read and have a far greater impact if you use your own words! We’ve provided an example for you below, but try to write your own subject line, mention that you’re a Canadian resident, and include why stopping this project matters to you personally.

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