Tell Tech Companies to Stop Burning Fossil Fuels

The global brands making our laptops and smartphones have made big commitments to reduce emissions and clean up their operations, but they’re not telling the whole story. These brands are reliant on suppliers in Asia to manufacture their products, but they aren't doing enough to reduce their dependence on coal and other fossil fuels.

Last month, released new research charting out pathways to decarbonization. It clearly shows that tech companies can and need to do more to reduce emissions from their supply chains. 

Electricity use from the global tech sector is projected to grow by more than 60% in the next eight years; this growing demand has the potential to lock in more fossil fuels in manufacturing for decades to come.

The big tech brands that are benefitting aren’t doing enough to clean up their supply chains, which have dangerous health impacts on local communities. Brands like Samsung, Microsoft and Google can help drive a global transition to clean energy and help fight climate chaos - or they can fuel it.

Tell tech companies to commit to 100% renewable energy in their supply chains by 2030.

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I am part of the community calling for tech companies like yours to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030. We need a binding promise from all tech companies to stop the use of coal, oil, and gas in their supply chains.

Green Up IT: Ditch Coal


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