Tell Drax to stop burning forests for energy

Cut block that has been logged for forest biomass

Drax has been exposed for logging forests while claiming to use only waste wood for its massive biomass operations. We’ve seen and documented the evidence with our own eyes and BBC Panorama’s recent documentary, The Green Energy Scandal Exposed, brought it into the global spotlight.

Burning trees is dirtier than coal at the smokestack – this is far from a “climate-friendly solution” to the fossil fuel economy, yet big corporations are receiving billions in taxpayer dollars to scale up production of biomass as a ‘renewable energy’. Former coal company Drax is one of the largest-growing threats – operating under the guise of clean energy. Its marketing materials give the impression it only uses ‘residuals’, ‘waste’ and ‘low-value’ logs.

Drax is polluting communities, mechanizing union jobs and fuelling climate chaos, and we can’t let it get away with this scandal. Right now we have a key opportunity to force Drax to rethink its plans. After being exposed on the world stage by BBC Panorama, British Columbian politicians have called for its licenses to be suspended, investors are dropping their shares, and the UK government has launched an investigation. Drax is vulnerable right now, so it’s the perfect moment to ramp up public pressure by targeting its key executives to let them know we’re watching.

Send an email to Drax’s CEO and the Director of Sustainability to demand they stop burning forests for energy.

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