Tell the Canadian government to come clean on Trans Mountain

Pipe on a rail line

A new report from West Coast Environmental Law shows that the Canadian government is using corporate shells and accounting wizardry to deliberately mislead the public of the Trans Mountain pipeline’s commercial viability.

In doing so, the government has hidden two important truths: 1) they are prepared to forgive $17 billion of Trans Mountain’s debt, loaned by Canadian taxpayers. 2) This pipeline will never be profitable.

If we fail to draw attention to this scandal, the federal government could get away with it. But if we blow up ministerial inboxes with thousands of emails from outraged residents, it could renew Trans Mountain’s status as political hot potato and further weaken its already precarious future.

Send Finance Minister Freeland an email right now and pressure the Canadian government to publicly come clean about Trans Mountain’s dodgy finances.

*Note that Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Wilkinson, and Minister Guilbeault will also be cc'ed*

Demand the truth about Trans Mountain


We’ve provided a sample message to guide you, but taking the time to edit the text will double your impact! If you have a local connection to the pipeline project, mention that. Make sure you add in your own words and customize the subject line so your letter doesn’t get stuck in spam.

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