Tell Congress to fund clean energy infrastructure

Climate change rally, signs read: Our house is on fire, there is no planet B, not climate change

On June 6th, President Biden took a massive step toward securing a clean future for us all when he invoked the Defense Production Act to expand U.S. manufacturing of clean energy technologies (including heat pumps!). [1]

This is something that the community has been advocating for since March, and a huge win for the climate and environmental justice movement. And while there's a lot President Biden can do on his own, this action will be even more effective if Congress passes the Energy Security and Independence Act and provides an additional $100 billion worth of critical funding to invest in the U.S.'s renewable energy supply chain and programs to lower utility bills.

Will you use our tool to look up your Members of Congress and send them a message urging them to pass this critical legislation and strengthen this historic action from the Biden administration?



Message Congress: expand domestic production of renewable energy