Sign now: Canada needs a strong cap on oil and gas emissions

The Canadian government is working on a new policy that would cap emissions from the oil and gas industry, but Big Oil is doing everything it can to stand in the way.

The oil and gas industry makes up less than 7% of our economy, but is the fastest growing contributor to climate pollution in Canada – representing more than a quarter of our emissions. To date, the industry has been getting a free ride with no limits on how much pollution it can create – but that could be about to change.

If implemented correctly, the government’s promised oil and gas emissions cap could help reign in the oil and gas industry and accelerate a fossil fuel phase out. But industry executives and Conservative politicians are fighting tooth and nail to weaken the policy and try to get it watered down with fossil fuel subsidies. We have to act fast to counter the fossil fuel lobby and show what real climate action should look like.

Sign the petition to call for a strong cap on oil and gas emissions: it’s time for our biggest polluter to finally do its part.

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I support a strong emissions cap on the oil and gas industry, that:

  • Makes sure oil and gas does its fair share, by cutting absolute emissions at the same rate as the rest of the economy
  • Excludes any subsidies for carbon capture and storage or any other fossil fuel subsidies
  • Has a cap on all types of emissions, including those from fossil fuel exports
  • Moves quickly, coming into effect ASAP (we are in a climate crisis after all)

Call for a strong cap on oil and gas emissions


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