Stop funding carbon capture with public dollars

fossil fuels pollution spewing from smoke stacks

Instead of funding wind, solar, and other proven climate solutions, governments around the world are dumping billions of our dollars into fossil fuel company boondoggles like carbon capture.

Case-in-point: Shell’s massive carbon capture plant – designed to showcase this new tech – is emitting significantly more carbon than it’s capturing. 1.2 million cars’ worth more, to be exact . 🤦

Carbon capture is not a climate solution – and our taxpayer dollars should not be funding it.

Sign our petition to government leaders urging them to stop subsidizing this terrible idea.

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To whom it may be concerned, We, the undersigned, are calling on you and your government to immediately end all public funding and subsidizing of carbon capture and associated projects. Please direct those funds towards solar, wind, and other proven climate solutions. Thank you.

Stop funding false climate solutions like carbon capture 


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