Email your State Legislators: Tell Them to Support the Treasury Transparency Bill

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We should know where our pensions are being invested.

Tell your State Representative to support the Treasury Transparency Bill, and demand that all Oregon Treasury investments, including those in fossil fuel companies, are fully and publicly disclosed.

The Oregon Treasury manages over $130B of our assets – billions of which are invested in coal, oil, and gas companies that are creating and profiting from the climate crisis. The Treasury Transparency Bill, introduced by Rep. Holvey, Rep. Pham, and Sen. Golden will require that the Oregon Treasury annually publicize its investment holdings and form a working group to analyze the impact of its fossil fuel holdings.

This is the first step to ridding the State Treasury of climate destroying fossil fuel companies.

Your state legislators need to hear from you. Send an email requesting their support for the Treasury Transparency Bill.

Tell your Oregon State Legislator: Vote for the Treasury Transparency Bill