Tell your state reps to stop financing fossil fuels

Did you know that nearly 30% of fossil fuel stocks are held by pension funds 1? U.S. public pension funds hold over $4.5 trillion in assets 2. And because they’re paid for by public dollars, people like you can pressure politicians to divest these funds away from fossil fuels. 

That’s why if we have a chorus of people calling of State reps to stop funding fossil fuels in state pension funds, we can really impact the money pipeline of the fossil fuel industry.

Tell your State legislator to stop funding fossil fuels in state pension funds.

Several public pension funds are already divesting from fossil fuels, including public pension funds for New York State and Maine, and for cities like Baltimore, New York City, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

The more we pressure politicians, the more likely we are to get public retirement pensions to stop funding fossil fuels – especially in this era where more and more institutions are shifting their funding for both ethical and financial reasons. Divesting from fossil fuels will allow pensions to avoid major losses and gain the opportunity to reinvest in less risky sectors including in climate solutions, local business and clean energy companies. 

Add your name to the movement to get pension funds to divest from fossil fuels.

Tell your State Rep: No more fossil fuels in our pensions