Submit a public comment to stop B.C.’s largest fossil fuel subsidy

B.C.’s Natural Gas Royalty System is broken.

Nothing makes that clearer than the fact that the Province of B.C. currently owes fracking companies $3.1 billion in unused royalty credits, thanks to a massive fossil fuel subsidy called the Deep Well Royalty Credit.

Fortunately, the recently launched Royalty Review is an opportunity to start reining in those fossil fuel subsidies, and to make sure that our new royalty system is actually in line with the province’s goals on climate and reconciliation with Indigenous People.

Please submit a comment in support of a new royalty system that:

  • Eliminates the fossil fuel subsidies embedded in the current system
  • Charges a fair price for our gas
  • Uses the royalty structure to help meet our climate targets
  • Respects the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Doesn’t leave existing wells trapped in a broken system

Feel free to use the sample comment we’ve provided, but your submission will have far greater impact if you also add in your own words.

Have your say in the B.C. government's Royalty Review


We’ve included a sample letter below that covers some key criteria for the submission, but your message will be more impactful if you also add in your own words. Introduce yourself, and highlight why you personally think it’s important to end fossil fuel subsidies in B.C. by reforming the Royalty System. How would you like your tax dollars better spent?

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