Urge CITI and JP Morgan Chase to adopt an Amazon exclusion policy for oil & gas

Tell JP Morgan Chase and CITI to exit Amazon oil and gas to avoid the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon is home to hundreds of Indigenous communities, and critical to global climate regulation. The continued financing and investment in oil and gas activity in the region by major European and American banks is contributing to the destruction of the rainforest and our climate.

JP Morgan Chase and CITI – two big financiers of Amazon oil are being called by a global network of allies, and Indigenous leaders to adopt an Amazon oil exclusion policy. 

It’s time to cut the money pipeline fueling Amazon destruction. Urge banks to stop financing oil expansion in the Amazon by adopting an exclusion policy for the whole region.

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In order to stave off the dieback of the Amazon rainforest, JP Morgan Chase and CITI must adopt an Amazon Exclusion Policy and Exit Strategy that:

  • Follows the example of the Arctic oil exclusion policies, and takes the same action with urgency for the Amazon.
  • Immediately adopt an Amazon-wide exclusion policy that uplifts interconnecting commitments around biodiversity, Indigenous Peoples' rights, and deforestation.
  • Implement adequate and accessible engagement and grievance processes to address violations of their ESR policies.

CHASE and CITI must adopt an Amazon-wide exclusion policy


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