Tell the Canadian government: Clean up the Canada Shipping Act

Did you know Vancouver is the fourth most scrubber-polluted port in the WORLD?

Under the Canada Shipping Act, ships are allowed to use “scrubbers,” a device that turns ship exhaust fumes into wastewater so ships can cheat clean fuel standards and continue to burn the fossil fuel from the bottom of the barrel. The result? Ships dump BILLIONS of litres of carcinogenic wash water that can be up to 125,000 times more acidic than the surface of the ocean. 

The last time the ocean was this acidic, thousands of species were being wiped from the planet during a major extinction event. ¹

Billions of people around the world depend on a thriving ocean for food, to support their livelihood, and to keep the planet’s ecosystems healthy.

Add your name to urge the Canadian government to update the Canada Shipping Act and stop the acceleration of ocean acidification.


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We call on the newly elected Canadian government to address ocean pollution from vessels currently allowed under the Canada Shipping Act by banning scrubbers and matching our neighbour’s regulations on raw sewage and greywater.



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