Pennsylvania needs to protect local action on climate, health, and safety

Wind turbines and solar panels agains a backdrop of green hills

Local governments in Pennsylvania have powerful tools they can use to fight climate chaos and protect community health and safety from fossil fuel pollution. With fresh climate disasters making the news every day and new studies showing methane gas is as bad for kids as secondhand smoke, it’s clear that we need more local action, not less.

But some in the General Assembly want to take those local powers away with preemption bills like Senate Bill 275 (SB 275). If SB 275 becomes law, it will prohibit local governments from passing policies to limit or stop methane gas use in new buildings. 

Moving off gas to clean renewable electricity for buildings is safer, healthier, and cheaper, and local governments should be able to keep their authority to protect their residents and the planet. Bills like SB 275 need to be stopped.

Let your State Representative know they should say NO to this preemption today.

Tell your State Representative: Stop Senate Bill 275 and similar preemption bills