Tell your MLA: No more fracking or LNG

An LNG tank farm

The Peace Region on the B.C. - Alberta border sits on top of a huge deposit of fossil fuels known as the Montney Shale Formation, which can only be accessed through fracking. There are enough potential greenhouse gasses in this region to blow past Canada's 2030 emissions targets 30 times over!

If the half dozen liquified natural gas (LNG) terminals that are proposed for B.C.’s coast are built, the number of fracking wells in the province could double in the next decade. Which would make it impossible for B.C. to reach its climate targets. 

New climate data shows that even without any LNG terminals, oil and gas is B.C.’s largest and fastest growing source of climate pollution. The Provincial Government is the only jurisdiction that has the power to end fracking.     

Send an email to your MLA and ask them to:

  1. Stop permitting new fracking wells

  2. Set a date to phase out gas production

  3. Support workers and communities with a transition to a sustainable economy

Email your MLA now