Tell your MLA: No more fracking or LNG

An LNG tank farm

Despite what the fossil fuel industry would have you believe, LNG (liquefied natural gas) and fracking are two of the fastest growing threats to our climate.

LNG consists mainly of methane, a climate super pollutant, that when leaked during the production process is 86 times worse than carbon dioxide for warming our planet. 

Before gas in B.C. is turned into LNG, 80% of it is first extracted through fracking. So more LNG = more fracking, and all the environmental destruction that comes with it.

Every year, fracking in British Columbia produces around 390,000 swimming pools worth of toxic wastewater. The chemicals in this wastewater pose a threat to the health and livelihoods of nearby communities, and can never be turned back into drinkable water.

All of this points to one clear conclusion: fracking and LNG have no place in B.C.’s energy future. And in the meantime, the government needs to act to limit the negative impacts of the existing infrastructure.

Will you send an email to your MLA and call on them to 1) stop issuing new permits for oil and gas in B.C., 2) start treating fracking waste as toxic waste, and 3) hold fossil fuel companies accountable for cleaning up the mess they’ve left behind?

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