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An LNG tank farm

Provincial and federal governments in Canada love to promote LNG as an environmentally friendly fuel. But we’re all being sold a lie.

LNG (liquefied natural gas) and fracking are two of the fastest growing threats to our climate. LNG consists mainly of methane, a climate super pollutant. The science clearly states that in order for us to address the climate crisis and keep global temperatures from rising past 1.5 degrees, we cannot invest in any new fossil fuel infrastructure. Simply put, Canada will not be able to meet its climate goals by approving more LNG projects.

We are one of the few organizations who are actively running campaigns to expose LNG for what it really is: a climate catastrophe. 

Building on contributions from the community, together we can ramp up our work to expose the climate impacts of this dangerous fossil fuel, and stop new projects in their tracks.

Will you chip in to power our growing campaign to stop the expansion of LNG and fracked gas across Canada?

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