Protect 80% of the Amazonia by 2025

Jaguar cub on a tree - Amazon sacred headwaters

New science shows that we’re only two percent away from hitting the tipping point where the Amazon could turn from a lush rainforest to a dry grassland.

The Amazon is vital for the survival of Indigenous cultures and for our fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. Home to more than 500 Indigenous nationalities and groups, it hosts more biodiversity than any other biome on Earth.

We just launched a massive new global initiative called 80x2025 Amazonia for Life, in partnership with Indigenous leaders from the nine countries in the Amazon, calling on global leaders to sign a declaration to protect 80% of the rainforest by 2025.

Support this global campaign by donating to protect this precious rainforest before it’s too late.

Protect the Amazon Rainforest

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