Vote off P&G’s board of directors

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It’s been close to a year since Procter & Gamble’s shareholders passed a resolution demanding P&G address the financial threats of deforestation and forest degradation in its supply chains. And P&G has done little to address these issue.

As P&G’s customers and shareholders demand the company to be aligned with the global movement to preserve and protect forests, the company needs directors who can keep up with current events. Sticking with the status quo of putting profits over people and the planet is not going to cut it.

In coalition with NRDC, Friends of the Earth, Environment America, and Rainforest Action Network, we’re launching the “Vote No” campaign to flush P&G's Directors.

In the months leading up to P&G’s annual general meeting (AGM), we will be encouraging investors to vote against two key members of Procter & Gamble’s Board of Directors – Angela Braly and James McNerney – for their role in failing to address human rights and environmental violations in the pulp and paper supply chains of the world’s largest consumer goods company.

Will you show your support for the “Vote No” campaign by adding your name to a petition urging P&G’s investors to vote Angela Braly and James McNerney out of the board?

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As directors with significant influence, both Angela Braly and James McNerney have failed to address the company's decade-long controversies in its supply chain, infringement of human rights, and degradation of intact forests. I support and the coalition of the Vote No campaign to oppose the re-election of Angela Braly and James McNerney.

Vote “No” to P&G’s board of directors


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