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Pipeline storage facility stockpiles pipe, preparing to build the Trans Mountain pipeline

The Trudeau Government has set June 18th as the deadline to decide whether or not to re-issue the permits for the Trans Mountain pipeline. Trudeau and his cabinet need to hear from as many people as possible before then, so that they understand the groundswell of opposition to the toxic tar sands project. Use this form to send a personalized letter to Ministers Monsef, Qualtrough, Duncan, Hajdu, Chagger, Champagne, Gould, Hussen, Petitpas, Regan, Rodriguez, Blair, Ng, Tassi, Wilkinson, Lametti, Jordan, Murray, MacAulay, Bennett, LeBlanc, Bains, Morneau, Duclos, Freeland, Garneau, Bibeau, Carr, Joly, Lebouthillier, McKenna, Sajjan and Sohi, along with Prime Minister Trudeau. 

You can use the talking points we've included as a starting point, but please put things into your own words as much as possible – personal emails are so much more powerful than form letters. 

Trans Mountain would grow climate emissions from the tar sands at a time when we desperately need to be cutting our climate pollution. The United Nations has told us we have just 11 years to cut our climate pollution by 50% if want even a chance to avoid a climate catastrophe. 

Now is the time to act. Let the Trudeau Cabinet know that they must say no to this pipeline if they want to be seen as climate leaders.

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Your letter is more effective when it's been personalized by you. The most impactful letters include details about your life, why you care personally, or how you'll be impacted by this decision.