No new fossil fuels

Protesters stand with a climate emergency banner on Montgomery street in San Francisco

Note: This form will only look up local elected officials in the U.S. If you're outside of the U.S. and want to start working on SAFE policies, send us a message at [email protected]

Fossil fuels pose a serious danger to our communities and the planet. Research shows that gas stoves cause asthma in children at the same rate as second smoke [1] and living or working near gas stations can cause cancer and a myriad of other serious health issues. [2] Then there’s that little problem known as the climate crisis.


Local governments around the world are starting to take action and break up with fossil fuels. Where our national governments are moving too slowly, cities and counties are beginning to take urgent action on climate by passing SAFE Cities policies that also protect their air, water, and health from toxic fossil fuel pollution.

But if we’re going to make sure we have the best shot at a climate-safe future, we need to ramp up pressure on local governments all across the country – including yours.

Send a message to your local lawmakers urging them to join the SAFE Cities movement and move your community away from fossil fuels and into a clean energy future.

Message your local representatives: No new fossil fuels may share your information with trusted local groups in your area working on the transition away from fossil fuels