River bank in Peru region of the Amazon

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The Amazon rainforest is at its tipping point due to the massive degradation of this interconnected ecosystem – while oil expansion continues to wreak havoc on the region and its people. We must act urgently to save this magical haven – home to more than 400 Indigenous nationalities and groups. 

Since our August 2020 Amazon banks report, we've gotten commitments from the top six biggest European financiers of crude oil to stop all trade financing from the Ecuador and Peru region of the Amazon.

But we need your support to scale up our campaign and ensure that 80% of the forest is protected by 2025. Here's what your support can help us achieve:

  1. Conduct investigative research into the types of threats and who is buying and financing the oil from these sacred lands
  2. Advertise and promote global online actions pressuring governments and corporations to become part of the solution
  3. Policy intervention with governments and international bodies to push for an end to oil expansion in all of the Amazon biome
  4. Support Indigenous partners and uplift their voices in their fight to protect this region
  5. Expand our campaign capacity to cover other niche and important issue areas affecting the Amazon and its people

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Thank you for taking action!

Thank you for taking action!

Protect the Amazon Biome

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