Chip in to launch our old growth TV ad campaign

A forest

With powerful Indigenous-led blockades, a groundswell of public support, and unprecedented media coverage – we’re at a critical tipping point in this campaign.

But the B.C. government is still stalling on its promise to protect at-risk old growth forests across the province.

That’s why we joined forces with Indigenous leaders, scientists, and celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and David Suzuki to produce an urgent plea that will be impossible for B.C. Premier John Horgan to ignore. The video has already gone viral, and now we have a plan to launch a massive TV ad campaign.

Will you help raise the $32,450 we need by Sunday to lock-in TV time for this powerful video and show the B.C. government that the world is calling for action?

Protect old growth forests in B.C. from logging

Paypal (CA$ only) and all other major cards accepted