Stop fossil fuel pollution: clean air, water, and soil are basic human rights

Kids playing soccer next to oil rigs

This really shouldn’t be complicated – people should have the ability to keep toxic fossil fuels out of their communities and their homes. The time for a just transition to clean, renewable energy is now.

And yet, governments and corporations across the globe are investing in fossil fuel infrastructure that threatens our right to a healthy environment and while simultaneously shutting down resistance efforts.

Whether it’s state legislatures in the U.S. passing laws that block local fracking or gas bans, provincial authority that prevents most Canadian cities from directly electrifying buildings, mega-oil corporations trampling Indigenous rights in the Amazon, or coal plants cropping up near cities in Southeast Asia, people’s right to clean air, water, and soil is under threat.

The SAFE Cities movement is uniting people from all walks of life and helping them push back against the expansion of fossil fuels and fast-track the just transition to a clean energy future.

Will you add your voice to the growing SAFE Cities movement of people who recognize that we must stop the expansion of fossil fuels and guarantee the basic human right to clean air, water, and soil?

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We, the undersigned, are part of the SAFE Cities movement. We affirm that clean air, water, and soil are basic human rights and demand that no one infringe upon the people’s ability to defend themselves and their communities from fossil fuels and other polluting industries.

Defend communities from fossil fuels may share your information with trusted local groups in your area working on the transition away from fossil fuels


Thank you for being part of the SAFE Cities movement and affirming people’s right to clean air, water, and soil.

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