Tell your MLA to protect old growth immediately

Police in front of massive old growth stump

Old growth forests are on the edge of disappearing in British Columbia. Now, less than 1% of forests in the province are home to big, old trees.

Despite overwhelming public support for old growth forest protection and clear science, the majority of at-risk old growth forests in B.C. are still open to logging.

The B.C. government has identified 2.6 million hectares of old growth at high risk of irreversible loss that should be protected from logging, but so far hasn't taken action to implement logging deferrals in these areas. They also haven't given concrete funding supports to Indigenous Nations, so that they can make old growth protection a viable economic option. In the meantime, 1000 year-old trees are still falling. 

It's up to MLAs to protect the identified at risk areas now. An 'intention' to act is not the same as real action. 

Please send a personalized email to your MLA to show the B.C. government there is no excuse: they must immediately implement logging deferrals in all at-risk old growth forests in B.C.

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