Tell your MLA to speak up for old growth forests

Police in front of massive old growth stump

Old growth forests are on the edge of disappearing in British Columbia. Now, less than 1% of forests in the province are home to big, old trees.

In April, the B.C. government was given a six month timeline to implement logging bans in the most at-risk old growth forests – but these giant trees are still on the chopping block. Since then, tension and conflict has escalated across the province due to government inaction.

Forest defenders are now being arrested for protecting some of the highest value old growth that remains in B.C. in the Caycuse and Fairy Creek watersheds. At the same time, independent scientists have released new maps of the critical old growth forests left in British Columbia that remain under threat and urgently need logging deferrals.

The information is readily available for the Ministry of Forests to implement deferrals. Doing so will create space and time for full engagement with Indigenous Nations, as well as a just transition for forest communities – while ensuring that we don’t lose any more of these irreplaceable forests.

Will you send a personalized email to your MLA and insist that they share these new deferral maps with the Ministry of Forests? Show the B.C. government there is no excuse: they must immediately implement logging bans in all at-risk old growth forests in B.C.

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