Call on the Canadian government to catch up on climate

How did Justin Trudeau go from climate leader to climate loser?

Canada is falling behind when it comes to climate action. U.S. President Biden recently announced a new climate target and action plan that's far stronger than what we have in Canada. What’s more, we are the only G7 nation that has allowed our climate emissions to increase after signing the Paris Climate Accord. 

The root cause of Canada’s failure on climate? Growing emissions from Big Oil. If production of oil and gas continues to grow, research shows there’s simply no way we’ll reach our climate targets. The Trudeau government‘s failure to take on this industry has led to Canada falling behind – and it’s time to catch up.

Sign the petition to pressure Trudeau’s Liberals to get back on track on climate.

Petition to the Canadian government: Click to see full petition text

To get Canada on track to meeting our climate goals, the federal government must:

  • Stop all new oil and gas development, bringing Canada’s climate plan in line with International Energy Agency modeling that shows there is no other way to limit warming to 1.5C.
  • Stop giving tax breaks and handouts to big polluters by canceling all fossil fuel subsidies.
  • Invest in a just transition so that fossil fuel workers and communities are not left behind.



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