Sign now: Tell RBC to stop funding climate destruction and respect Indigenous rights

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The Royal Bank of Canada is the largest fossil fuel funder in Canada, and the second largest fossil fuelled bank in the WORLD. 

Since 2016, when the Paris climate agreement was signed, RBC has poured over $250 BILLION USD into dangerous fossil fuel projects that threaten the planet, and frontline communities.

From financing new tar sand pipeline projects that infringe on the rights of Indigenous peoples, to funding the fracked gas Coastal GasLink pipeline, to financing gas projects on the Gulf Coast that pollute the air of predominantly communities of color, RBC continues to bury its proverbial head in the sand when it comes to the need for real climate action. In 2022, RBC financed US$42.1 BILLION in fossil fuel projects that drag us backwards on climate.

All this despite clear calls from communities on the frontlines of RBC-financed projects demanding divestment and for the bank to respect Indigenous sovereignty. With many financial institutions around the world starting to invest in just and equitable climate solutions, RBC is feeling the pressure.

The time to act is now. Tell RBC to clean up its act and start taking climate change and Indigenous rights seriously.




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