Tell the Dept. of Ecology: Stop cruise ships from dumping toxic fossil fuel wastes in Puget Sound

Orca whales swimming in the Puget Sound

We have a unique opportunity to protect the threatened orcas, otters, and Chinook salmon in the Puget Sound; but only if we double-down on our pressure campaign.

The Washington Department of Ecology, the Port of Seattle, and the cruise trade industry organization are currently discussing adopting an amendment to ban the discharge of scrubber wastes in Puget Sound. This would be a huge step toward ending the dumping of toxic wastewater and could model the approach for other decision makers across the U.S. and Canada to stop ship scrubber dumping.

Join the call to protect Puget Sound and sign our petition to the WA Department of Ecology to pass the amendment and ban scrubbers from Puget Sound.

Ban Scrubbers in Puget Sound