One of the world’s largest “renewable diesel” refineries right here in California? What could possibly go wrong?

Share your concerns on the proposed biofuel refinery

What could possibly go wrong with building one of the world’s largest “renewable diesel” refineries right in Martinez, on the Carquinez Strait east of San Francisco? We don’t really know all the answers, but we sure want to make sure that the environmental impact report examines all the possible issues with Marathon’s massive “renewable diesel” proposal.

And this is where you – the Stand community that helped generate 17,000 scoping comments on the Phillips 66 tar sands expansion, and helped put a stop to dredging in the Strait – come in. The good people at Contra Costa County are starting the environmental review of Marathon’s proposal right now, and they are asking all of us to advise them on what impacts they should study. We plan to do just that.

The deadline for input to the environmental review? March 22nd – there’s no time to lose.

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More details about the project to inform your comments are available at Contra Costa County's project page here.

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